The 5 most underrated MC’s All Time

Posted by admin on July 27, 2013

The 5 most underrated MC’s All Time


In the wake of a watered down era in Hip Hop, where dope MC’s have been replaced by fake Rappers, decided to give props to the craft, by coming up with our official tissue issue list of the most underrated MC’s all time. In selecting a underrated MC, first you had to be dope, then influential, and most of all you had to have the street credibility to be thorough and worthy of the title MC. Here is our all time list, and please be on the look out for our top 15 all time MC’s list!

#5 Spice 1

When you think of West Coast Hip-Hop, it would be hard to deny the influence of Spice -1, even to this day. From Tupac and Snoop to Mac Dre, Scarface and MC Eiht, all the way to The Game, the West coast and the South has been influenced by Don Spice 1. Spice had every element you want from a great MC, he was a dope story teller (Young Nigga, The Heist) he had a dope ass flow, and he was an official street reporter. I can remember listening to his classic “Welcome to the Ghetto” for the first time, and thinking damn, Spice is legit. Spice is an official Godfather of Gangster rap, and most of all had a sic flow that could compete with some of these cats today, which is why he is on this official tissue list.

#4 Heavy D

Before rappers was kicking it live on R&B tracks, Heavy D was doing it. Ask the streets and they will tell you don’t be fooled by Heavy D and those R&B songs, cause he can spit and he got more styles than a little bit. There are all kinds of legendary tales about the Don Heavy D, and how he had a crazy Jamacian style that was murdering cats in the streets. That’s how it is when you a legend. Name it, and Heavy has surely done it, from hit records to producing songs, and even battling cats on the streets. Heavy made this list because y’all didn’t know how sic his style was. Ask the Streets. Ask busta rhymes and Jay-Z, they will tell you some stories. Heavy was just about his bread, he didn’t even let you know he was really murder on the track. He just kicked the songs for the ladies cause that is what sold records. RIP Don Heavy D….you did it mane….

#3 Old Dirty Bastard

What can you say about the OG! Dirt McGirt, ODB that ain’t been said already. Dude was crazy. He was like one of them Spirits that just did what he wanted, especially on the mic. He was the heart of the legendary Wu Tang Clan, and his debut release, Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version, is a certified classic. His style was strait raw, I don’t know if he was freestyling, or if his songs were actually written, but man his style was nuts. Songs like Brooklyn Zoo, and my favorite, Raw Hide, Dirt Spits ill bars like “I want to see blood, weather its period blood, or buss you in your Fu**ing face, some blood!” ODB had that essence that you can’t really account for, Heart, and his character was larger than life, which made him a force. Put him against any MC, and he going to kick some ill off the wall ass Sh*t that will make you respect his craft. RIP ODB!!!! King of the Mean Ave…..

#2 Big Boi

When everybody thinks of Outkast, they automatically think of Andre 3000, and I have heard some people even say, Big Boi can’t even rap, and if it wasn’t for 3 stacks, he wouldn’t have a chance out here. What people don’t know is that Big Boi was the whole style that made Outkast dope. He was the Southern Playa on them Caddy’s and Buick’s. Big Boi was the street element in Outkast, while Dre was more of the Producer/educated element, which is what made Outkast dope. Outkast represented both the intellectual black man, and the Street thug, both of whom are Outkasted by American society. Big Boi had some classic lyrics too though! ( Return of the G, West Savannah, Mamacita, many others.) His verse on Return of the G is defiantly a rewinder. Truth be told, you wouldn’t have Outkast without the Don Big Boi, and that is for real…”But good luck couldn’t be brought see, Many a price had to be faught G, for a Nigga to ride these vogues oh so close to the sidewalks”….for real……

# 1 Twista

When we sit around and debate some of the all time greats in hip hop, some names are a given. Most of the time these names include Jay-Z, Biggie, Tupac, Nas, Andre 3000, Big Pun, Rakim and KRS-1. One name that stands out with the best of them is the Chi-town hurricane himself, Twista. With a unique style and a lyrical ability to spit with the best of them, Twista is one of the game’s most underrated talents. He has the classic album or two ( Mobstability, Adrenaline Rush) the style, may I remind you that none of you rappers would be rapping fast if it wasn’t for his fast style, and dude was in the record books as the worlds fastest rapper back when most of these cats was in diapers. Word on the streets is that Bone thugs in harmony copied his harmonic style after he abandoned it for a slicker more faster style. Twista has reinvented himself a bunch of different times, and when he dropped Slow Jams in 2003, he already had 20 years in the game. Truth be told, Twista can kick it with anyone on your top ten all time list, so recognize, cause he may just  be the best to ever do it. Quiet as kept.