Ferguson Missouri UPDATE: Week 4

Posted by admin on September 1, 2014

Ferguson Missouri UPDATE: Week 4

By Streetsill.com

Heading into week four on the scene in Ferguson, Missouri, the warzone that  seemed like the front line of a breaking point here in America, is all quiet at the moment. The death of Mike Brown Jr. at the hands of Police officer Darren Wilson, has the whole world talking. Protests were going strong, tensions had never been higher.  It seems like this is week will close the chapter on a dramatic event that has shaken the core of our country.  Or is it? Our country…..

What we learned

Since the Mike Brown Jr. shooting, police in Missouri were involved in another case of racial brutality by police. The footage has been on CNN, and some feel its a critical blow to the so called American dream. What happens when a society is driven by corruption to the point where  true justice is blind?  These young black men deserve a chance out here, as much as anyone, and it looks like America wants to take that from them.The sad part is, the whole world is starting to see it too.

Here is an article from The Washington post that tells what a news station in North Korea thinks of the whole Ferguson Missouri situation.


This is a reflection of what happens when you target people, any people, based on race. If this land is truly “our land”, then we would figure out a way to get pass color. If anything we should be able to look at our babies, these beautiful “mixed babies”, Black and White, or Asian and White, or African and German, and on: these children should give us hope of a beautiful future together, regardless of race.

We are one race under one supreme essence of love, so when will we realize it? This situation makes me sad to be an American, and makes me question my own self worth to society as a Black man. I know I have my own nightmares of police putting guns to my face, and going to jail “fitting the description”, when I know damn well they ain’t doing the “Good ol Boys” like that.

I think Obama said it best when he said we must deal with our history in America, the history of race, we must deal with it freely and truthfully in order to have peace on these streets. If not, every time the police let a situation like this happen, here in our cities, the whole world will watch as the streets burn on.

“The Revolution will not be televised”