Micheal Jackson: Secret drawings reveal hidden pain

Posted by admin on December 5, 2014

Micheal Jackson: Secret drawings reveal hidden pain

I stumbled across this article by our friends at vigilantcitizen.com, and it revealed some things I have been really concerned about. After taking “the red pill” a few years back, the universe has been sending information my way about the hidden agendas of America, and some of these agendas are really scary. MK-ULTRA is a term that has been floating around the internet, so that is something worth searching. MK-ULTRA, in theory is a form of programming based of mind control, also associated with a high level network of “handlers” who program their “slaves” to be sex slaves (Beta model) “killers” (Delta model), “general slaves” (Alpha Model) and “psycics” (Theta model).

Anyways, given the nature of this information, it is best if you research if for yourselves and come up with your own conclusion. I challenge you to search and research. “They who have ears let them hear”~The Scientist.

Here is the article from vigilant citizen:

Michael Jackson’s “Secret Drawings” Reveal References to Mind Control