Letters from the Penitentiary

Posted by admin on May 7, 2015

Letters from the Penitentiary

By Inmate Charles X

Dear young G,

First of all allow me to tell you that whoever said that “real gangsters don’t die” was so right b/c we are all in prison doing what the f*ck the next man is telling us what to do and the rest is in the grave…so real right? Well its the truth lil G…..I know you may heard it all before but truth is if you heard it before then you know its real…The streets don’t give a f*ck about you or the next ni99a out there thinking that it do….How can something love you that never knew how to love and is incapable of doing so…Life is not just about you…I’m pretty sure that you have a mother, father, sister, brother, cousin, uncle, auntie. grandmother, son, daughter and so on…I can say friend b/c the streets don’t make friends…friends are the same ones that set you up and then fuck your wife….

I’m not here the sweet talk you b/c that ‘ish out there is not sweet…I look on the news and they are killing us every day…and the ones that are not dying are being thrown in prison…sitting in a box until they put us in a box…we are born with 3 strikes against us (young, Black, Male) so its time to level the playing field…

let me tell you a little joke I heard the other day—> It was this white woman that went to a all black clubs. She got so drunk that she asked a black guy to give her a ride home. When she got there she invited him in for another drank. After a while she got horny and told him to come in her room. After getting in the room she took off all her clothes and asked the guy to tie her up to all four of her bed post. After he done he she said, “now come over here and show mew what you black guys are famous for!”…so he picked up a basketball dribbled it three times took her TV and left….lol…now you know that’s some bull shit right but when I tell that joke 9 out of 10 people find it funny..

Well I hope you understand that black life matter and if you don’t love yourself that there is no room for the next person to love you…keep your head up and know that the best revenge is success…PeAcE

—–WE appreciate our G’z locked down in the Pen, and I asked the G to write our young thugs out here that feel like its all about “That Life”. We need the young thugs to recognize how the African people need them. We need them to wake up and protect their people instead of living for the city and trying to push that dope. “That Life” has taken enough of our people. — The Professor