Celebrity Round Up w/ LA BLAKE

Posted by admin on October 31, 2015

Celebrity Round Up w/ LA BLAKE

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Written By LA BLAKE

Sometimes when a celebrity dies you feel as if you lost one of your family members. I can recall the lost of Tupac, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Paul Walker so vividly. Not only do we feel bad for their loved ones, but we also deal with our own internal grief, as if we were the ones to loose a loved one or close friend.

Not not being a basketball fan, a Laker Fan, nor a all around sport fan, I couldn’t understand why I was so affected by the Lamar Odom situation. I never watched any of his games, hell I never really watched the Kardashians, so why was I so invested in a situation that seems to happen often in Hollywood?  I followed his story closely. Praying for him in the middle of the night. Looking for changes in his condition. I pondered and pondered, It came to me.

I began to understand. It’s a true tale of an underdog rising above all odds. I turned to all my favorite blog sites, and I watched the media crucify a Basketball great and reduce his accomplishments to a reality star or Khloe Kardashian’s “ex husband, as his mortality lay in the wake.  His accomplishments: a 2 time NBA Champion,  the 6th Man of the Year in 2007, Olympic Bronze Medalist in 2004,  and  not to mention the many accomplishments he had in high school and college. All before “Keeping Up With Kardashians”, his accomplishments were a solid foundation.

Lamar Odom overcame odds that many people couldn’t. He grew up without the love of his mother. His father was addicted to drugs.  He grew up in the spotlight where every choice and mistake was judged or scrutinized.  He is by far no perfect man. He has been plagued with addiction, and he gave up on his family. Regretablly,  his  story could have ended with him overdosing in a brothel. But as we continue to pray for Lamar, and believe in the power of God, the belief in redemption, and the belief of the underdog coming back to shine like new money: don’t ignore his accomplishment.  Don’t reduce him to reality star, or a drug addicted crazed man. Acknowledge a  man who is fighting for his life and needs support and fervent prayer.  Fight Lamar. Fight!!  And we will fight with you.