Celebrity Round Up w/LA BLAKE #2: The Death of the Playa Game

Posted by admin on December 4, 2015

Celebrity Round Up w/LA BLAKE #2: The Death of the Playa Game

When I heard that the OG, Self proclaimed Playa Playa from the Himalayan Charlie Sheen let the world know he has been hiding his HIV positive status, a part of me died.  He is HIV positive?  Carrying around Full Blown AIDS and hiding it.? Still trying to smash and bash through the game KNOWING you have it though? WOW. To all the true players(men and women) who looked up to the guy, the news was a shame. We knew he was a rockstar who partied hard, heavy Drug use, drink till you drop lifestyle, one night stand city: and all that. But Damn, not Charlie. Yes Charlie, my mind finally made me realize, and with that, the next thought was damn, the playa game is dead.

We should have known that something was wrong with him. He was depressed. He lashed out and couldn’t deal with his truth. And the worst of it, he exposed women to the infection unbeknownst to them. He had a duty to disclose that information to all of the pornstars and random women he slept with during his drug binges.  Quite truthfully, the only reason he came out now was because he was about to be exposed and was dog tired of shelling out hush money. Its a sad and alarming trend that is spreading: people who know that they have HIV spreading it to others.

What this situation should do is open our eyes on safe sex and HIV/AIDS awareness.  In the 90’s when people were dying left and right from HIV and AIDS, there were so many AIDS campaigns that you couldn’t keep up. Now with advanced medicine, people are living with HIV 20+ yrs.  Advanced medicine has also kept Full Blown AIDS at bay.  With many major cities such as Miami, Atlanta, & New York rounding out the top 10 states in new HIV cases, its evident that it is still a problem.  And you can talk about all the resources that are available or unavailable, but it truly starts from the person. It takes having real guts to keep it 100 about your status and situation.  If you have any decency, its only right regardless of how hard it is.

With so many people knowingly spreading HIV to others, its time to live in Love and  live in your truth….because what’s done in the dark, will always come to light. The game is dead yall, it don’t pay to play like it used to, cause its way to much going on…

At the end of the day, always be honest with yourself and your God. And I promise that Everything will be alright.

Love and Light,

LA Blake