The chick is conning you: Is She really a He?

Posted by admin on February 4, 2016

The chick is conning you: Is She really a He?

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Man, its some wicked S#!T going on. To keep it “PG”, I will just say that the dating game is not what it used to be. In this hight of the reality TV age, where real is fake and fake is WTF, there are a lot of posers and pretenoids out there, especially when it comes to “The hook up life”. One of my good friends was telling me the other day, after years of being a super player player from way out there in the hymilayer: “Man the S#!T out here now is terrible. What you think is a a girl is a man and vice versa”.

I had a caller call into the podcast last week, and he went on to tell me how he was turned up at the club a few weeks back. He went on to say he had popped a few pills, you know, got a hold of some of that purple drank, some loud, you know typical Friday night in the city. He said he went to the club with a few friends, and noticed this one girl in a section of the club. Of course he was damn near out of his mind, but he said he and the girl was vibing out, and they started to get touchy feely or whatever. The hook up was on….

So its dark in the club right? But after a little cat and mouse, and a little slow dance, the brother decided to “do what he do” and asked the girl to come home with him. Of course she agreed, and they hit the town under the city lights, and slid on out to his spot. He said by the time he got home with her, He was nice and tipsy, the passion was on, and they got right to it. They got in the dark room, stripped down, and started rubbing and kissing and got right into the sex moments. Right away he said that she asked for “Anal” which was a little freaky and sort of a red flag in the normal world, but hey he was turned up so he said “F**K It”.

So, as main man is telling me this story, Im starting to have a nightmare in the daytime, like daydreaming but its a nightmare sort of thing. The brother continues with the story, saying that while he was having sex with the girl, he reached in front to grab her breast, you know, to hold on to it. They was a little small, but he was turned up so he did not notice. So he started to slide his hand down further for a little freaky vagina action while doing the anal, and she kept moving his hands, so in the heat of passion he was not concerned. Some kind of way, he finally reached down there to the puddy cat, only to his sheer horror, the puddy cat was a dog. Yes, he reached down and found out that this girl did not have a vagina, but in fact she had a penius. OMG.

I won’t tell you how the story ended, but lets just say there was a trip to the ER for all parties involved. The story may sound funny, but its actually kind of F**KED UP. Really F**KED UP. I mean, what kind of world we live in where, number one, we getting so messed up at the club that we don’t know what we taking home, and number two, people are not being honest about who they are and who they are sleeping with? So that is whats going on? People are tricking people into being Gay now and turning them out after the club while they drunk? Moral of the story, be careful out there cause things aint want they seem. Be careful playa playa, cause the chick may be conning you: is she really a he?

Part two of this article coming soon——

Written by Mr. SOATU X