Beware of the Mickey

Posted by admin on February 8, 2016

Beware of the Mickey
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It’s a common thing in the culture of clubbing that sometimes, there are predators out there who may try to slip things to you while at a party or in the dance clubs. A popular term called “Rhuppies” was out there as far as when someone slips something in your drink, like eye drops or other kinds of date rape drugs. The streets has a term called “Slipping a micky”, which basically means someone slipped an extra substance into what was thought to be a safe situation. (ie slipping a micky into a blunt, a drink, etc)

I once knew this girl who was one of the prettiest girls I ever seen. She little wild, a little slick, but at the heart she was a sweet southern girl. I remember the first time I met her, we were teenagers at one of my friends house party. I will never forget the party, because as the oldest one there, she encouraged us to play sneak peak, where the boys show their private parts to the girls. Of course most of us played, including me, and that was that, until my moms walked up to the party with a belt in her hand. But that is another story….

Years later, as fate would have it, I would find this girl again in Atlanta, GA. It was weird, because of all the places and times, we met here. I had spent time in the military, and who knows where she had been, but we both were miles away from where we grew up. When I saw her, I could barley recognize her. She was only two years older than I was at the time, but she looked like she had aged 15-20 years. The pretty girl with the good hair and good skin I had known, was transformed into a girl with literally one long dredlock and a shaven head. Her skin was dried and wrinkled, and she was dressed like she was homeless. I was shocked because I couldn’t understand what the hell happened.

So the first time I saw her, we talked and she recognized who I was. I told her I would see her around, and I did, because I think she went to the same college I went to, but then I thought maybe she was just in the streets, and the area was her turf. I saw her again, and this time she asked if we could “go smoke a blunt”. Of course I said hell naw, but again I wondered what the F**k happened to her. I would see her again, and I asked her what changed her, because now she seems so different. She said she didn’t know, and she felt the same, but I thought in my mind that someone slipped her something. It happens like that, a small town girl goes to the city trying to be slick, and some dirtbag of a man slips her a mickey and changes her life forever…..

Moral of the story, for both men and women, beware out here. Its people who prey on you and wait to catch you slipping. One night on the town and once second of not watching you drink, or not watching who you are smoking with, could have your mind GONE….Forever….

PS I have actually heard that in some clubs in Atlanta, guys feed women drinks and then slip a extacy or a molly inside their drink. By the end of the night, the guys are running trains on the girls, inside the CLUB! Please be safe….