Letters From the PEN Part 2: Wake Up Everybody

Posted by admin on July 28, 2016

Letters From the PEN: Part 2
By Brother Big Cuzzo CBX

This great man said one day, “Wake up everybody no more sleeping in bed. No more backward thinking time for thinking ahead…” Teddy said that almost 20 years ago and here we are still sleeping… When are we going to WAKE UP? time is not on our side and the world is not getting any better. What is your purpose in life? Wake up and find the answer!

Young black men, your purpose in life is not to die in the streetz. Wake up young black men, your purpose in life is not to die in prison, not to sell a hundid ki’s, not to live on your knees. Wake up young generation your purpose is not to gang bang, get high out of your mind, not to shoot first instead of talking it out.

When are you going to wake up and understand that it’s no Justice but it’s “Just Us!” When are you going to see that most times our enemy is the “inner me…” The worst life to live is a life without a purpose or not knowing your purpose because we all have a reason for living. No matter who you are, someone else’s destiny depends on your faithfulness. We need self-improvement as a whole but that starts with SELF. Wake up people it’s time for a change. Peace and one love from a friend that’s locked up but not locked out… 2016 daydream, not sleep walk…WAKE UP

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