Dear Black America: You are Good Enough

Posted by admin on July 28, 2016

Dear Black America: You are Good Enough

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Today I had a conversation with this young girl and it almost brought me to tears. She said that growing up she never thought of herself as being black because everybody picked on her for not being black enough and not talking like she was black. During our conversation, I shared with her that growing up as a young black child, sometimes its just way rough. People pick on you cause you poor, or cause you too dark, too light and too whatever. And through the years of people breaking down your confidence, you look at yourself in the mirror and think to yourself, “Am I even good enough”. It haunts you everyday. With every decision. All your dreams and ambitions. Its always in the back of your head the same question.

But the fucked up shit is (excuse me but I am passionate about this)┬áthat just a little hesitation, just a little doubt in yourself could be the difference maker between achieving your dreams and never taking a chance on yourself. I told her that I always was a fighter and that when people picked on me, I picked back. I now realize everyone was not like me….I also told her that sometimes I have to trick myself into believing in me. Like sometimes I remind myself that only I can be my number one fan…cause at the end of the day who else will?

I just want to tell all my people…YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH! You have the spirit of the ancestors in you and with you. The Blood of the Kings and Queens of ancient Egypt…the ones who built the pyramids…it is inside of you. Believe in yourself. Be your number one fan.

Close your eyes…can you hear them…The ancestors and those who have passed on, they wait for your success. They want you to win. They want you to win.

Dear Black People: You are Good Enough
By CoopD