8 things Black Women need to unlock their true potential

Posted by admin on July 31, 2016

8 things Black Women need to unlock their true potential

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Peace and love. Wisdom and Understanding. I hope you all enjoy this article.  These 8 things are key elements that African American women need in order to unlock their true potential.


Joy is the emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires. It is an essential emotion for enduring hard times, defying the odds, and looking pass life’s obstacles. Joy is different from happiness in a way that you can have joy without being currently happy, but you can not possibly be happy if you lack Joy. Joy goes beyond happiness and is a spiritual connection with the God essence, and the divine spirit of consciousness.


Family is important to the Black Woman because she is the divine mother. The Black woman is naturally born strong, caring, and full of understanding, which are qualities of a great mother. The Black woman needs a good family life in order to feel fulfilled in her natural lite-force. This means not only having children, but also having a life partner to confide in.


The African woman is one of the most passionate creatures on earth. She thrives on passion and emotion, and sometimes, logic can escape her during times of distress, imbalance, or confusion. Having the guidance of a true friend, family, life partner, husband and/or mentor is key for in order

to remained focused on her goals, dreams and ambitions. Black women can be guided in other areas too, like  spiritual, health, medical, metaphysical, and educational.

True Friendship

The Black woman has a genuine love for her girlfriends. It is important that those relationships are healthy and that they give the black woman her proper guidance, love, and respect. Sometimes these relationships can produce “enablers”, people who encourage bad behavior and character flaws. True friendship means that friends can tell you the truth, even when it hurts and are champions for your growth, dreams and true aspirations.


African American women and African women in general were made for love. They are one of the most passionate creatures that God ever made. Therefore, it is only natural they need a healthy love life in order for their dreams to flourish. Black women should learn how to love unconditionally, and it is important for them to let go of past relationships that were painful. Sometimes black women can hold on to the pain of past relationships for too long, and that can “block their blessings” of a good relationship. It is also important for Black women to choose Men or partners that are good fits for them and their personality and not get caught up in thinking with their emotions or sexual desires. In all things, Black women should use prayer and faith when making decisions, this way they will not fail.


African women are natural visionaries. This can be shown by their contributions in the arts, sciences, and in business. Annie Malone and Madam C.J. Walker, were recognized as the first black millionaires in America with their hair care businesses. Other women like Maya Angelou and Nikki Giovanni made great contributions to art and literature. These women did not give up on their dreams, and neither should you. Daydreaming and moving towards your dreams not only helps you define yourself, but it also gives you purpose of what your life should be. Don’t give up on your dreams or stop Daydreaming! Shoot towards your dreams and be the woman you see yourself to be.


When you think about the term “Powerful Woman of God” the first woman you think about is the Black Woman. Throughout American history, and African history, African American woman have been the spiritual backbone of the culture, and the spiritual leaders of our tribes. Black women fill up most of the churches on Sundays across the country. In fact, 74% of Black women live a spiritual life compared to 46% of white women. As the spiritual leaders of our tribes, it is important for Black women to keep themselves in prayer, as well as their communities, their families, friends and their Husbands/Partners. Black women should learn to understand the power of prayer, and how it effects their tribes, which are an extension of themselves.


It is important for African American Women, as spiritual leaders of the African American people, to keep themselves faithful in terms of God’s will and in terms of being faithful to themselves in following Gods word. Now more than ever, we need our Black mothers to pray for our people, and help bring our Black fathers into this spiritual fight for our Black youth. Black women must not let themes like materialism, vanity, or Greed block their natural gift of being spiritual leaders and mentors of the Black community.